Jules and Rom novel

A wonderful review of the paperback version of my novel by Mary Esther Judy in Fallen Star Stories!

And thank you to Children’s Books Ireland and Gracie O’Reilly for this very positive review of Jules and Rom.

Jules & Rom

My debut sci-fi novel, ‘Jules & Rom’ – published by Troubador Books UK – is also available on multiple ebook platforms, including Kindle, Google Play, Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes & Noble. Very scary but exciting to have it out there! Reader reviews are always welcome.

Jules and Rom is an exceedingly interesting piece of science fiction that deftly navigates empathy and artificial intelligence in a novel way…this book manages to suck you into its thoughtfully crafted world. If you have been thinking about the emotional side of our relationship with artificial intelligence, I recommend checking this book out.’ – Rose Smith, Twentytwotwentyeight Magazine, USA.




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Jules & Rom